Posted by: vibesandstuff | May 4, 2008

You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having

Once again, I find myself cramming for my upcoming finals on Wednesday and Thursday.  I just started studying for Biochemistry, and have yet to write my final English paper about “The Handmaids Tale,” study for Anatomy & Physiology and Art History.  I can sort of handle all of that, I think.  So far so good with time management.

Look at how empty my desk is. I packed up most of my stuff on Friday.  They will be moved out tomorrow afternoon into a storage place for the summer.  I’m happy to finally be moving out of the dorms and to be finished with the semester!  I almost died with the workload I had, especially from Anatomy & Physiology :/

Ok, enough ranting and back to studying!

*currently listening to the Atmosphere album, When Life Gives you Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold*

“Switch up my style, they all complain. But see,
which kids next year sound the same as me”

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